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Stomping out the stigma of poverty in our community one pair of shoes at a time.

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Why We Need Your Help

One in five children in the U.S do not wear properly fitting, safe athletic shoes.

Podiatrists recommend re-sizing your growing child's foot three times a year. Properly fitting shoes worn during tremendous periods of growth are essential to gait function, foot formation, and overall healthy bone structure. Yet, for a family experiencing homelessness and poverty, it is difficult to afford new shoes every four months. Many children wear used, broken and ill-fitting shoes that, besides causing potentially permanent pain, creates embarrassment and shame leading to social isolation and school absences.

Children and youth who wear properly fitting shoes have significantly increased self-esteem, directly resulting in improved physical activity, school attendance and positive peer engagement! Something as simple and overlooked as a pair of new shoes makes a huge difference in the life of a child!

His Little Feet

Stomping out the stigma of poverty in our community one pair of shoes at a time.

Email: hislitfeet@gmail.com

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His Little Feet has provided over 20,000 pairs of shoes to children experiencing homelessness since in 2014.

The Sole Club !

 Please consider making a recurring donation of $45 a month. This will ensure one child will receive new socks and shoes each month, and twelve children every year! Thank you for helping HLF  continue our mission to stomping out the stigma of poverty, one pair of shoes at a time!

A $45 donation will provide a new pair of socks & shoes for a child in need.