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Be a Volunteer

We have several ways for you to help at His Little Feet!

Sign-up to host the HLF DipJar. Set a goal and giving amount to collect donations right where you are!

Sign-up for our Community Outreach Commitee! Skilled volunteers are needed. We are looking for those who can advocate for Hlf and be apart of planning our Outreaches & Fundraisers! 

Start a shoe and/or socks drive.  All you have to do is start by telling us who you are ( large or small business, community organization, passionate individual).

 Accepting new, high quality shoes for ages 1.5-18 years

We can make a difference!
Consider hosting a fundraiser, SHOE or sock drive with your church , cooperation, sports team, or small business. Private fundraising is instrumental in our efforts to help give children hope for a new tomorrow and enable them to  dream of a better life through education, after school activities and sports!

Please use the "Register your Drive" form to tell us  more about your organization's project.
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